Disclaimer & FAQ

Our Lawyers Made Us Say All This. 


Your Cool City: 


Is not affiliated with any business or event unless otherwise stated. 


Doesn’t guarantee any prices, services or availability. 


Is not responsible for issuing refunds or rebates. 


Is always as current as possible, however is to be used to ESTI-MATE prices. 


Is not where you book stuff or reserve stuff. 


Does not include taxes and any other additional fees charged by an establishment in our estimates. 



Companies Found on our website: 


Are not obligated to honor any pricing or other information you find on Your Cool City. 


Can change their pricing, hours and anything else they want with-out notice. If you noticed they have, help us out and let us know! 




Q: What is the purpose of your website?

A: To cure boredom in Southeast, Texas by sharing with our website visitors all the fun and exciting things to do here!


Q: Do you guarantee the prices that are on the website?

A: No!  We are simply giving you an estimate and sharing with you what we know the prices to be!  Prices can change at any time without our knowledge.  If you are aware that what we have is inaccurate or if something is no longer open let us know so we can check it out and update!


Q: Do you guarantee availability?

A: No!  We are giving you ideas.  You must check with the business for availability.


Q: Why do we have to enter "When" when we enter a budget in the picky planner?

A: Prices and days the attractions are open varies throughout the week and we want you to have the best idea for prices on the particular day you are looking for.


Q. Is the "estimated cost" the price per person?

A. No.  This is the total estimated cost for the number of adults and kids entered into the picky planner menu.


Q: Why can't we see how much each individual ticket per adult or child is?

A: This is something we may incorporate into the website in the future.  You can always see this though by entering "1" into either the child or adult field in the picky planner.


Q: I noticed that there is a business missing from your website.  Can we suggest one be added?

A.  Sure.  Please send us a message and we will see if it is appropriate to include in our website.  Please keep in mind that not all businesses will be appropriate for our website.  We will not include businesses/events related to nudity, discrimination, or violence. Typically, we do not add chain restuarants or hotels except in certain circumstances.


Q. When I use the Picky Planner in "Yummy Eats & Treats" and "Fido Can Go", it only shows $ signs.  What do these mean?

A. The $ signs are a symbol of what the majority (70% or more) of the main course menu items cost on the menu.

$ - Means most of the menu items are less than $10

$$ - Means most of the menu items are between $10 and $20.

$$$ - Means most of the menu items are above $20